“Die Keinnamebahn”

I thought that after all the time I have spent reading about the great work done by others on various forums including Narrow Gauge Railway Modellers,  I should better put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard?) and describe how I built a 12ft long, 9mm gauge, H0e narrow gauge layout in a 6ft shed ready for exhibition in February 2017.

Not being able to think of a name for the layout when asked by the exhibition organiser I came up with “Die Keinnamebahn” ….. German for “The railway without a name”.

The layout is operated using a Digitrax Zephyr DCC (Digital Command Control) system and uses DCC components by several manufacturers.

Point (turnout for our US cousins) control is by either Digitrax DS52 twin-channel or DS64 four-channel DCC decoders whilst control of the servo operated animated features (coaling crane, water cranes etc.) and servo operated uncouplers are controlled by ESU Switchpilot Servo units.