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One is never enough! Collecting model trains is addictive! The perils of visiting trade stands at model shows!

Roco H0e Mh4 with factory fitted DCC sound

As a keen HOe scale model railway builder and exhibitor of my layout “Die Keinnamebahn” my wallet is repeatedly placed under attack by the traders at these shows!  It means that I now have several versions of the same model in my rolling stock. This week’s addition is the Roco Mh4 H0e locomotive with DCC […]

Custom Model Decals show readable 0.6mm high text on waterslide decals

Custom Model Decals decals on an H0e hopper

Custom Model Decals displayed recently their latest decals which have readable text at only 0.6mm high. The use of their high-tech printer enables them to produce high-definition custom decals in as little as 7 days for clients in many scales.  Currently Custom Model Decals are offering a 5% discount to members of several model societies […]

New Roco 2095 OBB H0e scale locomotive with factory fitted sound

I recently bought a ‘surplus to requirements’ model of the Class 2095 narrow gauge diesel locomotive as used on the ÖBB line, amongst others, from a member of the Narrow Gauge Railway Modellers Online forum ( This was an impulse buy, but the price asked and the wow-factor and reviews of this loco were irresistible. […]

Converting a cheap Chinese plastic model into a working H0e Garratt

Zubieta Garrat Conversion

  This conversion was made by Andy V8, a narrow gauge modeller. He has given me permission to post this article on his conversion. It used a cheap plastic souvenir model of the Garratt locomotive “ H.R.Zubieta” on the 600mm gauge Ferrocarril Austral Fueguino (FCAF) line in Uraguay. Andy used 2 Koppel locomotive chassis by […]

More rocking horse droppings – Atlas Editions L’Automotrice du Train Jaune Z-105 + 2 Remorques (ZR-20001 and ZR-20033) – 1909

It never rains but it pours rocking horse droppings, or rather rare Atlas Editions autorail (automotrice) models. In this case a 3 piece set of L’Automotrice du Train Jaune Z-105 + 2 Remorques (ZR-20001 and ZR-20033) – 1909. The set will join my collection of these lovely models.   The Little Yellow Train of the Pyrenees […]

Modelling Update – 009 shunter using Farish Class 14 chassis and Knightwing 0-4-0 diesel kit

Just a quick update. The Knightwing shunter has now received windows, handrails and nameplates by Narrow Planet. I named and numbered the loco in memory of my father who was born in ’23 and received the D.F.M. from King George VI on the morning of V.E. Day’ May 8th 1946. He died 20 years ago […]

Converting the Knightwing 0-4-0 kit to fit the Graham Farish Class 14 chassis

Now it was time to tackle the body modifications required to fit the 00-gauge Knightwing diesel locomotive body to the Graham Farish Class 14 n-gauge diesel chassis. The first job was to plate over the existing hole in the chassis plate using plasticard stuck to the bottom of the plate. This would give me flat […]

Modelling a 009/H0e shunter using the Knightwing 0-4-0 kit and a Graham Farish Class 14 chassis

I wanted to make a shunter for my 009/H0e model railway that looked ‘chunkier’ than the one described in Railway Modeller using the Kato 105 chassis. This conversion, to me, looked wrong because the Knightwing body had to be shortened by 2 grill bays. I looked at using the Graham Farish Class 08 n-gauge outside-framed […]