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1:87 model ‘Chey’ station by Bob Dawson A.C.O.M.B Architectural Models, York

1/87 model 'Chey' station

I have been extremely fortunate to have employed Bob Dawson of A.C.O.M.B Architectural Models, York to make me a 1/87 model French NG station based on ‘Chey’. Bob has done a excellent job in making a model that captures the essense of the small stations used on the French narrow gauge lines. The original plans […]

A New Custom Decal Service

Custom Model Decals

A new decal production service has come online. Custom Model Decals are offering a customised decal production service for waterslide transfers. Using a state of the art white+colour printer they can produce linings down to 0.3mm in width and will Initially provide lining and also the lettering for all the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway in L&BR […]

Don’t expect this Aldi alarm padlock to protect your model railway shed

A waste of money - Aldi alarm padlock

The Aldi Alarm Padlock is, in my opinion, a total waste of money. Publicised by Aldi as suitable for protecting your shed or garage it has a fatal flaw, one night of rain destroys the electronic alarm circuitry! The padlock has upward facing loudspeaker holes which have no effective sealing. One night of rain filled […]

Hide your SSID when using WiFi control at exhibitions

JMRI running on a Raspberry Pi

I have been developing a JMRI (Java Model Railway Interface) DCC (Digital Command Control) system for my exhibition layout “Die Keinnamebahn” that uses mobile smart phones as WiFi connected hand throttles connected to the JMRI software running on a Raspberry Pi Model 3B+ microcomputer set up as a WiFi access point.   I got the […]

Christmas is coming early – my wife is buying me a model maker’s belt sander

Model makers’ belt sander

Christmas is coming early for me this year. My wife, forever trying to buy me a useful present, is buying me a model makers’ belt sander for Christmas. It is only 175mm x 110mm x 140mm/6.88” x 4.33” x 5.51” in size and uses 330x10mm belts as used in some electric files/sanders. I should be useful […]

Making cyanoacrylate glue dispensing tools from darning needles

This idea is not mine, I picked up the idea from reading the forums on Dispensing superglue (cyanoacrylate adhesive) to stick small components can be difficult because the thin superglues are very runny and you can easily flood the item if trying to dispense it from the nozzle on the bottle or tube. You […]

Starving the carpet monster – a way to stop losing small parts when working at the bench.

All modellers have experienced that dreaded moment when a small part goes ‘ping’ from a pair of tweezers or when using a scalpel to cut them from the spruce. Dropped parts, screws and other tiny bits are promptly eaten by the carpet monster only to be found when you have finished or binned the project […]