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Mitigation of radio frequency interference of DCC commands induced on trackwork

Revised wiring of Die Keinnamebahn to prevent mobile phone interference

I have now completely rewired the underside of the nine baseboards that comprise Die Keinnamebahn. The following tasks have been completed since our recent RF induced system failure at the Bakewell show. All power/DCC buses under the boards have been replaced with 2mm diameter solid copper wire. As many track feeds as possible have been […]

Track problems on Die Keinnamebahn and how to painlessly fit fishplates

Two weeks to go to my first exhibition of 2019 at Chapel-en-le-Frith on 23/24 February and I am testing Die Keinnamebahn, my H0e exhibition layout. The point at the station throat was not polarising the frog properly and so I changed the Seep PM4 switching latched solenoid point motor. Testing showed it was now OK […]

DCC power and control bus using pattern makers’ dowels with contact enhancement adapters

On my new layout I am again are using the brass pattern makers’ dowels that align the boards to transfer the DCC power and control signals between the boards. 2mm bare solid copper wire is  used to create a power/signal busbar between the dowels. The electrical contact between the male and female pattern maker’s dowels […]

Building the new continuous circuit baseboards for Die Keinnamebahn

I have now got around to building the ten baseboards required for the continuous circuit version of Die Keinnamebahn using 4 prototype corner versions of the scenic baseboards generously donated by Tim Horn ( Tim has redesigned the basic scenic boards to have 6mm moisture resistant MDF tops and, for the corner boards, the normal […]

Servo powered, DCC controlled, uncoupling ramps for 009 / H0e / H0m Bemo/REPA couplers

One of the problems with modelling in 009 / H0e / H0m / H0n30 is the lack of remote controlled decoupler systems at affordable prices. For those not wanting to exchange all their couplings for magnetic operated Greenwich etched brass couplings or Microtrains  or Kadee couplers the alternatives are either the manual Peco SL-430 uncoupler […]