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A potentially dangerous mains powered soldering iron

Dangerous 60w mains powered soldering iron

I recently ordered a 60w mains-powered soldering iron with automatic solder feed via eBay from a U.K. supplier. I received the following message and a full refund. “Hi dear customer, Thank you for your purchasing. We are so sorry to tell you that because of some accident, we found that our product have some quality problem. Please […]

Using DCC Concepts twin wire signals with the Train-Tech SC1 3-wire DCC signal decoders

Train-Tech SC1 DCC signal decoder

I wanted to use some DCC Concepts 2-aspect ground signals that I had bought. They came with two DCC Concepts Alpha Mimic LED controllers but at 50 UKP each, and capable of operating 24 LEDs each, they are too expensive to use on Die Keinnamebahn where only a few signals are on each board and […]

Using an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) on your model railway

Because we will be using a computerised, Raspberry Pi based, DCC control system with wireless hand controllers to control Die Keinnamebahn at exhibitions I wanted to protect the system from induced spikes or drop outs in the mains electricity supply. Dropouts can occur if someone accidentally, or inadvertently, unplugs a mains supply lead to the layout […]

Using bicolour LEDs to produce directional lighting on DCC locos

bicolour LEDS to replace 2 bulbs each end

Many commercially produced locos have bulbs or LEDs to illuminate the headlamps and tail lamps. Modern LED equipped locos usually now have bicolour LEDs to change between red and white depending upon the direction of the loco, but many don’t and just have a single colour LED or lamp that shows white only in the […]

Using Meccano to make a gearbox for motorising the Peco N gauge turntable NB-55

I built a turntable for Die Keinnamebahn and electrified it using Peco NB-55 n-gauge turntable kit and  a 10rpm geared motor, worm and gear obtained from China, via eBay. I had to build my own gearbox frame from strip brass, no easy task for this amateur metalworker! The installation worked but I wondered if there was […]

DCC power and control bus using pattern makers’ dowels with contact enhancement adapters

On my new layout I am again are using the brass pattern makers’ dowels that align the boards to transfer the DCC power and control signals between the boards. 2mm bare solid copper wire is  used to create a power/signal busbar between the dowels. The electrical contact between the male and female pattern maker’s dowels […]

Servo powered, DCC controlled, uncoupling ramps for 009 / H0e / H0m Bemo/REPA couplers

One of the problems with modelling in 009 / H0e / H0m / H0n30 is the lack of remote controlled decoupler systems at affordable prices. For those not wanting to exchange all their couplings for magnetic operated Greenwich etched brass couplings or Microtrains  or Kadee couplers the alternatives are either the manual Peco SL-430 uncoupler […]