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Custom Model Decals show readable 0.6mm high text on waterslide decals

Custom Model Decals decals on an H0e hopper

Custom Model Decals displayed recently their latest decals which have readable text at only 0.6mm high. The use of their high-tech printer enables them to produce high-definition custom decals in as little as 7 days for clients in many scales.  Currently Custom Model Decals are offering a 5% discount to members of several model societies […]

Converting a cheap Chinese plastic model into a working H0e Garratt

Zubieta Garrat Conversion

  This conversion was made by Andy V8, a narrow gauge modeller. He has given me permission to post this article on his conversion. It used a cheap plastic souvenir model of the Garratt locomotive “ H.R.Zubieta” on the 600mm gauge Ferrocarril Austral Fueguino (FCAF) line in Uraguay. Andy used 2 Koppel locomotive chassis by […]