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1:87 model ‘Chey’ station by Bob Dawson A.C.O.M.B Architectural Models, York

1/87 model 'Chey' station

I have been extremely fortunate to have employed Bob Dawson of A.C.O.M.B Architectural Models, York to make me a 1/87 model French NG station based on ‘Chey’. Bob has done a excellent job in making a model that captures the essense of the small stations used on the French narrow gauge lines. The original plans […]

Using DCC Concepts twin wire signals with the Train-Tech SC1 3-wire DCC signal decoders

Train-Tech SC1 DCC signal decoder

I wanted to use some DCC Concepts 2-aspect ground signals that I had bought. They came with two DCC Concepts Alpha Mimic LED controllers but at 50 UKP each, and capable of operating 24 LEDs each, they are too expensive to use on Die Keinnamebahn where only a few signals are on each board and […]

Using Meccano to make a gearbox for motorising the Peco N gauge turntable NB-55

I built a turntable for Die Keinnamebahn and electrified it using Peco NB-55 n-gauge turntable kit and  a 10rpm geared motor, worm and gear obtained from China, via eBay. I had to build my own gearbox frame from strip brass, no easy task for this amateur metalworker! The installation worked but I wondered if there was […]