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1:87 model ‘Chey’ station by Bob Dawson A.C.O.M.B Architectural Models, York

1/87 model 'Chey' station

I have been extremely fortunate to have employed Bob Dawson of A.C.O.M.B Architectural Models, York to make me a 1/87 model French NG station based on ‘Chey’. Bob has done a excellent job in making a model that captures the essense of the small stations used on the French narrow gauge lines. The original plans […]

One is never enough! Collecting model trains is addictive! The perils of visiting trade stands at model shows!

Roco H0e Mh4 with factory fitted DCC sound

As a keen HOe scale model railway builder and exhibitor of my layout “Die Keinnamebahn” my wallet is repeatedly placed under attack by the traders at these shows!  It means that I now have several versions of the same model in my rolling stock. This week’s addition is the Roco Mh4 H0e locomotive with DCC […]

Die Keinnamebahn at Mount Tabor Models Show, Cromford 5/6 March 2022

Die Keinnamebahn at Mount Tabor Models Show, Cromford 5/6 March 2022

I was fortunate to be invited to take Die Keinnamebahn to the Mount Tabor Models Nurnberg Spring Models Show at Cromford in Derbyshire on Saturday/Sunday 5/6th March. A small show but very satisfying to attend after more than 2 years of Covid restrictions. We were able to try out our new overhead LED lighting system […]

New Indian coach decals from Custom Model Decals

Indian Railway Mainline decals 4mm/ft

Custom Model Decals ( have announced a new set of decals for the Indian Railway mainline coaches. These accurate Hindi-English decals could easily be used on an Indian narrow-gauge layout. The decals were developed with the invaluable help of Jeremiah Bunyan in India, his mother undertaking the Hindi translations and checking that the Hindi was […]

Custom Model Decals Darjeeling Himalayan Light Railway 4mm & 3.5mm scale decals

Custom Model Decals Darjeeling Himalayan Light Railway 4mm decals

The innovative decal design business Custom Model Decals ( ( have announced that they have developed waterslide decals for the Darjeeling Himalayan Light Railway NDM 6 diesels and their accompanying coach sets in both 009 4mm/ft 1:76 and H0e 3.5mm/ft 1:87 scales. The decals use their innovative ‘film-free’ decal technology where accurate cutting out is […]

New decals for Ffestiniog Welsh Pony in 7mm

The new UK producers of waterslide decals, Custom Model Decals, have designed and produced 7mm/ft scale decals to fit the Mercian Models kit for Welsh Pony. These new decals are for the recently displayed new livery for the Ffestiniog Railway’s latest restoration project. More details on these decals can be found here:

The 009 Society place their archive of the 009 News online

The 009 News

The 009 Society ( have now placed their archive of 009 News, the Society’s journal on narrow gauge modelling, online for access by its members. With nearly 20 years issues currently available this archive in PDF digital form is a history of narrow gauge railway modelling. The public can search the archive article titles but […]

Mitigation of radio frequency interference of DCC commands induced on trackwork

Revised wiring of Die Keinnamebahn to prevent mobile phone interference

I have now completely rewired the underside of the nine baseboards that comprise Die Keinnamebahn. The following tasks have been completed since our recent RF induced system failure at the Bakewell show. All power/DCC buses under the boards have been replaced with 2mm diameter solid copper wire. As many track feeds as possible have been […]

Radio Frequency Interference and a DCC disaster at an exhibition

DCC control signal pattern

We took our layout “Die Keinnamebahn” to the Chesterfield Model Railway Society annual show at Bakewell, Derbyshire for their weekend-long exhibition. We set up on the Friday evening and immediately had DCC control problems. Locos would start in the fiddle yard but would be jerky in operation and would ‘die’ about 1/4 of the way […]

A nice review of Die Keinnamebahn at Narrow Gauge North 2019

A review of Die Keinnamebahn in 009 News

009 News, the members’ magazine of the 009 Society, published this lovely comment on Die Keinnamebahn at its showing at Narrow Gauge North 2019  in April at Pudsey. SWMBO and I are, as we say up North, “well chuffed”! Die Keinnamebahn will next be on display at the Chesterfield Model Railway Society’s show at Bakewell, […]

Using DCC Concepts twin wire signals with the Train-Tech SC1 3-wire DCC signal decoders

Train-Tech SC1 DCC signal decoder

I wanted to use some DCC Concepts 2-aspect ground signals that I had bought. They came with two DCC Concepts Alpha Mimic LED controllers but at 50 UKP each, and capable of operating 24 LEDs each, they are too expensive to use on Die Keinnamebahn where only a few signals are on each board and […]

Using foamcore board to make a stockbox in a Ryman 4 litre plastic box with lid

Using foam core board to make stock partitions in a Ryman 4 litre box with lid

I decided that it was taking too long to unpack and pack my rolling stock at exhibitions by having to use the manufacturers packaging. I have therefore started to make stock boxes by adding an inner liner of foamcore board with partitions to keep the stock safe. Ryman, in the U.K., sell various sizes of […]

Don’t expect this Aldi alarm padlock to protect your model railway shed

A waste of money - Aldi alarm padlock

The Aldi Alarm Padlock is, in my opinion, a total waste of money. Publicised by Aldi as suitable for protecting your shed or garage it has a fatal flaw, one night of rain destroys the electronic alarm circuitry! The padlock has upward facing loudspeaker holes which have no effective sealing. One night of rain filled […]

The new Aldi folding box truck is perfect as a stock box carrier using Rymans 4 litre plastic boxes.

I will be using the 4 litre plastic storage boxes from Rymans to hold my unboxed rolling stock that I will be taking to the exhibitions I will be attending with my H0e Narrow Gauge exhibition layout Die Keinnamebahn. I will fit out the storage boxes with foam board partitions to protect the stock. To […]

Hide your SSID when using WiFi control at exhibitions

JMRI running on a Raspberry Pi

I have been developing a JMRI (Java Model Railway Interface) DCC (Digital Command Control) system for my exhibition layout “Die Keinnamebahn” that uses mobile smart phones as WiFi connected hand throttles connected to the JMRI software running on a Raspberry Pi Model 3B+ microcomputer set up as a WiFi access point.   I got the […]

Using an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) on your model railway

Because we will be using a computerised, Raspberry Pi based, DCC control system with wireless hand controllers to control Die Keinnamebahn at exhibitions I wanted to protect the system from induced spikes or drop outs in the mains electricity supply. Dropouts can occur if someone accidentally, or inadvertently, unplugs a mains supply lead to the layout […]

Christmas is coming early – my wife is buying me a model maker’s belt sander

Model makers’ belt sander

Christmas is coming early for me this year. My wife, forever trying to buy me a useful present, is buying me a model makers’ belt sander for Christmas. It is only 175mm x 110mm x 140mm/6.88” x 4.33” x 5.51” in size and uses 330x10mm belts as used in some electric files/sanders. I should be useful […]

Converting a cheap Chinese plastic model into a working H0e Garratt

Zubieta Garrat Conversion

  This conversion was made by Andy V8, a narrow gauge modeller. He has given me permission to post this article on his conversion. It used a cheap plastic souvenir model of the Garratt locomotive “ H.R.Zubieta” on the 600mm gauge Ferrocarril Austral Fueguino (FCAF) line in Uraguay. Andy used 2 Koppel locomotive chassis by […]

Using bicolour LEDs to produce directional lighting on DCC locos

bicolour LEDS to replace 2 bulbs each end

Many commercially produced locos have bulbs or LEDs to illuminate the headlamps and tail lamps. Modern LED equipped locos usually now have bicolour LEDs to change between red and white depending upon the direction of the loco, but many don’t and just have a single colour LED or lamp that shows white only in the […]

Using Meccano to make a gearbox for motorising the Peco N gauge turntable NB-55

I built a turntable for Die Keinnamebahn and electrified it using Peco NB-55 n-gauge turntable kit and  a 10rpm geared motor, worm and gear obtained from China, via eBay. I had to build my own gearbox frame from strip brass, no easy task for this amateur metalworker! The installation worked but I wondered if there was […]

WHR NG16 Garratts at Beddgelert July 2018

Welsh Highland Railway South African Garratt articulated NG16 locomotives crossing at Beddgelert, Noth Wales in July 2018.   [ngg_images source=”galleries” container_ids=”19″ display_type=”photocrati-nextgen_basic_thumbnails” override_thumbnail_settings=”0″ thumbnail_width=”120″ thumbnail_height=”90″ thumbnail_crop=”1″ images_per_page=”20″ number_of_columns=”0″ ajax_pagination=”0″ show_all_in_lightbox=”0″ use_imagebrowser_effect=”0″ show_slideshow_link=”1″ slideshow_link_text=”[Show as slideshow]” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]

New counterweights and connecting rods for Liliput 2095 H0e diesels

The Liliput 2095 diesel in H0e is still a much-wanted model even after being out of production for nearly 20 years. The loco is usually very reliable but has an Achilles heel in that the plastic counterweights go brittle with age and split at the point the connecting rod pin is pressed into the counterweight. […]

Starving the carpet monster – a way to stop losing small parts when working at the bench.

All modellers have experienced that dreaded moment when a small part goes ‘ping’ from a pair of tweezers or when using a scalpel to cut them from the spruce. Dropped parts, screws and other tiny bits are promptly eaten by the carpet monster only to be found when you have finished or binned the project […]

More rocking horse droppings – Atlas Editions L’Automotrice du Train Jaune Z-105 + 2 Remorques (ZR-20001 and ZR-20033) – 1909

It never rains but it pours rocking horse droppings, or rather rare Atlas Editions autorail (automotrice) models. In this case a 3 piece set of L’Automotrice du Train Jaune Z-105 + 2 Remorques (ZR-20001 and ZR-20033) – 1909. The set will join my collection of these lovely models.   The Little Yellow Train of the Pyrenees […]

Buying a rocking horse dropping – or rather an Atlas Editions L’autorail Floirat et sa remorque 1947

I have for sometime been buying autorail models by Atlas Editions with the intention of converting some of them into narrow gauge models using n-gauge chassis. The other day I saw what, to me, is the rare as a rocking horse dropping, L’autorail Floirat et sa remorque autorail with trailer. I had never seen this […]

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