A potentially dangerous mains powered soldering iron

I recently ordered a 60w mains-powered soldering iron with automatic solder feed via eBay from a U.K. supplier. I received the following message and a full refund.

“Hi dear customer,
Thank you for your purchasing.
We are so sorry to tell you that because of some accident, we found that our product have some quality problem. Please accept our deep apology. In order to do not let you receive the defective item. We have asked the suppliers to replace defective products. But the factory re-production will take some time. “

I took a closer look at the advert and I think the problem may be due to exposed mains connections accessible when the solder loading door is opened. A similar version on sale by the same supplier had pictures showing insulated internal electrical connections. They also only have a two core mains lead and so no earth connection to blow the fuse should the  heating element develop a short to the metalwork. A friend has just bought one and so I am going to give it a PAT insulation stress test when I next see him.

if you have got one of these then I suggest you carefully check the internal connections!