Chinese made models can have inaccurate scale information.

I bought a supposedly 1/87 scale cherry picker (lift platform) off of eBay from a Chinese seller. The box clearly states 1/87 as the scale and so I am not complaining against the seller, but the item is clearly not 1/87 in scale and I estimate it to be at least 1/48, 1/43 or even 1/35 in scale. If it was 1/87 in scale it would have had a reach of over 100ft and the operator would have had to have been at least 12ft tall to reach the controls in the basket! 

I can only advise, that when buying from Chinese sellers on eBay, that you cannot guarantee that the scale specified bears any relationship to the actual scale. This is a shame because the model is well made and worth the £12 I paid for it if I was modelling in a larger scale or if it had been a genuine 1/87 scale model. 

Supposedly 1/87 scale cherry picker


A subsequent search on eBay for “aerial platform model” showed that other sellers advertised the same model as “0 gauge”  and 1:55 scale, so you can see that you need to do your research before taking Chinese suppliers scale information at face value.