Don’t expect this Aldi alarm padlock to protect your model railway shed

The Aldi Alarm Padlock is, in my opinion, a total waste of money.

Publicised by Aldi as suitable for protecting your shed or garage it has a fatal flaw, one night of rain destroys the electronic alarm circuitry! The padlock has upward facing loudspeaker holes which have no effective sealing.

One night of rain filled the padlock body up with rainwater, shorting out and ruining the alarm circuitry. There are no drain holes or means of venting any water ingress. To access the battery compartment you have to remove the hasp and unscrew the two screws inside to open the battery compartment. After only one night of rain I found significant corrosion of these screws, possibly by electrolytic action between the various metals used in the locks construction.

So what I bought as a security device for my modelling workshop has proved to fail on its first night’s use. Come on Aldi, you can at least get someone with an ounce of common sense to review your products before selling them!A waste of money - Aldi alarm padlock