Excellent service at a time of need!

SPROG 3 DCC command programmer

My layout “Die Keinnamebahn” uses a Raspberry Pi interfaced to a SPROG 3 DCC controller. Whilst doing my pre-exhibition tests prior to taking the layout to Bakewell, Derbyshire for the Chesterfield Model Railway Society Exhibition this coming weekend (7-8 June 2019) my SPROG 3 suddenly developed an intermittent faults and kept dropping power to the layout. The SPROG 3 was the only piece of equipment that I did not have a ready-to-hand spare for!

With less than 24 hours to go before I had to start setting up at Bakewell, and the SPROG 3 essential for running the layout under computer control, I was desperate to obtain another one. Step up Coastal DCC of Ipswich! A phone call to them at 4pm enabled them to send me, via Royal Mail before 1pm delivery, a new SPROG 3 and its PSU. This was excellent service and I cannot thank them enough for their efforts on my behalf.

I subsequently emailed the manufacturer of the SPROG 3 to see if my original can be repaired and was surprised to be told, within the hour, that as it was less than 18 months old they will repair or replace it free of charge. Yet again an exemplary response from a company.

If you are going to the Bakewell show please drop by Die Keinnamebahn.