Kitwood Hills 90mm 009/H0e motorised model turntable

Kitwood Hills Model 009 90mm turntableA new purchase is this Kitwood Hills motorised model turntable. This is the 90mm diameter version, a 65mm being another option. The kit comes with a presoldered 9mm track section which now uses Code 80 rather than the Code 70 currently stated on their website.

The kit is complete with switches for both the turntable motor and also polarity change for the turntable, battery box etc. The motor runs on either 1.5 or 3 volt DC but caan be converted to run on DCC if a loco decoder is used and a 33Ω  (33R) resistor is placed in the motor circuit to prevent a burnout if full speed on the decoder is accidentally set.

The kit is made out of laser cut parts with spring loaded plungers and a custom PCB board to transfer current to the table’s track.

I shall be writing more as I build it in a few weeks, after a vacation and the the commissioning of a new garden workshop for my model making activities.