Laser cut scenic baseboards by Tim Horn

I recently bought two laser cut MDF scenic baseboard kits from Tim Horn ( They are each 400x250mm in size with 50mm sides and made of 3mm MDF and cost me £8.00 each + £4.00 postage.

Delivery was quick and the boards were well packed with comprehensive instructions. The finish of the parts was excellent.


Laser cut MDF baseboard 400 x 250 mm


I mention on a thread on this board  that it would be nice if there was an option for the ends to be produced to fit pattern maker’s dowels like those provided by Station Road Baseboards as, for those of us not having a workshop, accurately cutting pockets for the dowels could be a problem


To my great surprise, the other day a parcel arrived from Tim with a replacement set of end pieces for my two boards cut to fit the pattern maker’s dowels. Tim also told me that they were free of charge!  I cannot thank Tim enough for his generosity and customer service, it made my day!



I therefore set to assemble the baseboards using the set of pattern maker’s dowels I had bought and Tim’s new end pieces. Total assembly time per board was less that 15 minutes as they went together so easily, the laser cut ‘dovetails’ fitting together crisply and tightly on all the pieces. The pattern maker’s dowels are a snug fit in the end pieces and locate the boards perfectly together.




Laser cut MDF baseboard 400 x 250 mm



Laser cut MDF baseboard 400 x 250 mm


Because using brass pattern maker’s dowels actually cost more that the board Tim also provided in the added parts laser-cut 25mm diameter 6mm thick MDF plugs that can be used instead of the brass dowels. These are a tight fit in the precut board ends and may be a convenient option for some. I will probably stick to using the brass dowels because I am unsure as to how the MDF plugs will stand up to repeated rejoining of the boards. My primary concern for portable exhibition boards is that they might swell and jam boards together if the board should be subjected to a damp atmosphere. I must state that this is pure conjecture on my part and I will be very happy to have my theory overturned by others.

I did try out the MDF dowels (without gluing them in place) and they aligned the boards perfectly. For joining fixed boards together I think they will be an excellent alternative to using the brass pattern maker’s dowels.



Laser cut MDF baseboard 400 x 250 mm



Overall my impression of these boards is excellent and I am looking forward to using them as bases for developing my modelling skills over the next few months.



I have had correspondence with Tim and found him most receptive to ideas on possible new or modified products. I wish him every success in this venture.



The usual disclaimer : I have no connection with Tim Horn or his business other than as a very satisfied customer.