More work on Valdieu-Lutran and its embedded track

Today has been spent checking that the embedded track was usable by a selection of locos. One, a Roco 0-6-0 tank caused problems by being tight on the track. After checking and resetting the back-to-back measurement on the loco all is now well. The copper clad pcb material was trimmed to 1/8″ outside of the rails using a Dremel cutting disk. I then cut out a piece of 5mm black foam-core board to raise the station building to track height and to fit the embedded track pcb. This was stuck down to baseboard and pinned in place to set. when it is dry I shall use Das clay to fill in the space between the rails and the foam-core and emboss a single row of cobbles using the 1/8″ square brass tube. Foam core used to raise the height of the station building