Nearly finished the embedded track on Valdieu-Lutran

I have been busy working on the embedded track on Valdieu-Lutran station yard. Any of the cobbles that rose above the rail height have been cut down to below rail height and painted with a granite grey paint, with some cobbles having a slightly browner colour. The cobbles have then been coated with Games Workshop Agraxx Earthshade tint to highlight the joints. I am thinking of adding a few tufts of grass on the outside edge of the embedded track, between the cobbles, to emphasise it is not a heavily used track. I am not going to add any grass in the middle section because some locos have open gears on the bottom of the loco which would pick up the grass and transfer it to the internal mechanism.

I have also cut out some shallow potholes in the foamboard which have been painted and then filled with an artificial ‘water’ material.

The last job here is to coat all the roadway area with a very fine chinchilla dust to give some texture and then to paint the roadways.

Embedded track on Valdieu-Lutran