New H0e 10 tonne hopper wagon (schotterwagen) for Die Keinnamebahn

I have recently commissioned a set of three freelance  10 tonne hopper wagons (schotterwagen) for Die Keinnamebahn. They are being scratch built by Leigh Hulatt and are nearly ready for delivery. This is one during its construction.

Scratch-built 10 tonne H0e hopper by Leigh Hulatt

I am proposing having the side panels selected from these test images.

Test sheet for decals

I will be trying to produce decals made for each panel using laserjet decal paper printed with UV white+CMYK ink using a Roland LEF 12i UV ink printer by a local company. If this is successful then I will be considering offering a custom decal service in the future.


The hoppers have now arrived from Leigh Hulatt. I am more than pleased with their construction and I will be, hopefully, soon be using custom made decals on them before lightly weathering them.

Scratch-built H0e hopper wagons by Leigh Hulatt