New Roco 2095 OBB H0e scale locomotive with factory fitted sound

I recently bought a ‘surplus to requirements’ model of the Class 2095 narrow gauge diesel locomotive as used on the ÖBB line, amongst others, from a member of the Narrow Gauge Railway Modellers Online forum ( This was an impulse buy, but the price asked and the wow-factor and reviews of this loco were irresistible. This is my excuse and I am sticking to it!

Roco 2095 ÖBB H0e narrow gauge locomotive

The model is by Roco and came equipped with a factory fitted and configured DCC sound decoder. The motor is fitted with a flywheel. Drive is to all four axles. The loco has LED-lighting that changes with the direction of travel.

The digital decoder with digitally switchable sound function also has as a buffer capacitor for a stay-alive circuit.

Below is a short video of my new loco on its first outing on my test circuit. The top speed was measured at the realistic prototypical scale speed of 37.2 mph (60 kph). This is a really nice thing to find out and shows the care with which Roco have researched and designed this loco and their programming of its DCC decoder.

This loco will make a nice addition to Die Keinnamebahn.