New signalling on Die Keinnamebahn

New signal on Die Keinnamebahn

With Narrow Gauge North at Pudsey fast approaching on Saturday 9th March I decided to add some signalling to Die Keinnamebahn. To this end the first light I fitted is to protect the coaling station crossover. I fitted a Viessmann 4011 stop signal and used a Train-Tech SC1 DCC signal light controller to automatically change the signal to red if the mainline crossover point is set to access the coaling station. The Train-Tech SC1 was so easy to set up that it made this task almost idiot proof.

  1. install the signal mast
  2. wire up the colour coded wires to the SC1 (which can accommodate common  -ve or +ve LED lamp heads). The SC1 can accommodate up to 4 LEDs on two separate twin circuits.
  3. connect the SC1 to the DCC bus
  4. set the mainline point to ‘thrown’
  5. press the button on the SC1 until the signal lights flash
  6. trigger the point to ‘clear’
  7. JOB DONE!

The red lamp will light if the mainline point is ‘thrown’ and change to green to show when the mainline is ‘clear’.

What an easy system!