Running JMRI on a Raspberry Pi fitted into a VESA mounting case

As we progress getting ready for the first of our 2019 exhibitions at Chapel-en-le-Frith I have now fitted the Raspberry Pi microcomputer into a £10 fan cooled case that fits onto the back of the TV and connects to the DVI video connection on the TV. The case, complete with fan and all fitting screws, was obtained via eBay and appears to be a well designed and executed 3d print.

The SPROG3 DCC system has been attached with sticky pads to the VESA casing to produce a dedicated system ready for taking to exhibitions. The fan in the VESA case keeps the processor happily cool at about 42 degC.

A very neat VESA fitting case for the Raspberry Pi running JMRI


JMRI running on a Raspberry Pi