Starving the carpet monster – a way to stop losing small parts when working at the bench.

All modellers have experienced that dreaded moment when a small part goes ‘ping’ from a pair of tweezers or when using a scalpel to cut them from the spruce. Dropped parts, screws and other tiny bits are promptly eaten by the carpet monster only to be found when you have finished or binned the project and are looking for the latest bit lost.

My first idea was to use market stall clamps to fasten my woodworkers’ apron to my bench. This was OK but could be easily pulled loose and small parts could get under the ‘lip’ at the bottom of the apron.

Using clamps to fasten the apron to the bench

I then decided to try self-adhesive hook and loop (Velcro) and stuck a continuous strip of loop along the bottom hem of the apron.

Apron with self-adhesive Velcro loops attached.

I then stuck three pieces of Velcro hooks under the lip of my workbench.

Self-adhesive Velcro hooks stuck under the workbench lip

I now have a secure and easy to use method of attaching my apron to give a drop-proof method for working with small parts.

Using my Velcro equipped apron