The new Aldi folding box truck is perfect as a stock box carrier using Rymans 4 litre plastic boxes.

I will be using the 4 litre plastic storage boxes from Rymans to hold my unboxed rolling stock that I will be taking to the exhibitions I will be attending with my H0e Narrow Gauge exhibition layout Die Keinnamebahn. I will fit out the storage boxes with foam board partitions to protect the stock.

To make it easier to transport these numerous boxes from the car to the exhibition halls I needed some form of wheeled truck. Aldi have just (14th March 2019) put on sale in the U.K. their folding box truck with wheels. This box truck fits the Rymans storage boxes like a glove and is perfect for transporting the stock boxes, and other Rymans boxes in this range without them rattling about.

With the Rymans 4 litre boxes currently on offer at 3 for £12 and the Aldi folding box truck at £8.99 I now have a safe and economic transport solution for moving my stock to exhibitions.


Ryman’s 4 litre storage box


Aldi Workzone folding box truck


Ryman’s 4 litre storage box a perfect fit in the Aldi Workzone folding box truck