Using foamcore board to make a stockbox in a Ryman 4 litre plastic box with lid

I decided that it was taking too long to unpack and pack my rolling stock at exhibitions by having to use the manufacturers packaging. I have therefore started to make stock boxes by adding an inner liner of foamcore board with partitions to keep the stock safe.

Ryman, in the U.K., sell various sizes of plastic storage boxes with clip-lock lids. This box is an ideal size for holding my H0e scale stock.

The 4 litre box is currently on offer for 3 for 12UKP and fits easily into the Aldi Box trolley in my recent post.

The use of stock boxes should make unpacking and packing up after a show a lot quicker.

Using foam core board to make stock partitions in a Ryman 4 litre box with lid