Vandals destroy years of work and thousands of pounds of models at model railway exhibition.

Vandals attack model railway show

I could not believe the venality and sheer evil of the ‘youths’ who broke into the school at Welland Academy in Stamford, Lincolnshire, on Saturday 18th May 2019, where the Market Deeping Model Railway Club were holding their annual model railway exhibition.

In a matter of minutes four ‘feral’ teenagers, who at 3am were away from their beds, deliberately trashed layouts, model trains and trader stands in an orgy of mindless violence. It was only prompt action by a caretaker, local residents and Police using dogs and an armed response unit that these vandals were stopped before they could attack the second exhibition hall.

I wonder if we will ever find out if these thugs were habitual cannabis users, there being an almost official code of silence from the Police and authorities on this matter. Despite all the evidence now collected on how this so-called ‘harmless’ drug is actually a major distorter of the young mind’s ability to be able to understand that actions have consequences, there is almost a conspiracy to prevent the public seeing the harm that it does.

One has to ask how or why the parents of these cretins allowed them out at that time of the night. If one has a dangerous dog you are legally responsible for its actions, maybe it is time that parents are legally responsible for their out of control kids!