Kühn 81340 direct replacement for Roco 10735 90 degree decoder

Having bought one, I can now confirm that the Kühn 81340 – Decoder N025-P, 90 degree, 0.7A, NEM651 chip is a direct replacement for the Roco 10735 decoder used on their H0e Hf110c and Mh6 locos. Nice, smooth running and a top prototype speed of 25mph on my Hf110c loco straight out of the box.

Bachmann 35-556RA decoders do not fit Roco Hf110c or Mh6 H0e locos

I have been trying to obtain Roco 10735 DCC decoders, the ones with the 90 degree pins, to fit into my Roco Hf110c and Mh6 locos.

Having had a great deal of difficulty in obtaining them, they appear to be out of production, I thought that the Bachmann 36-556RA E-Z Command 90 Degrees 6 […]

Converting the Knightwing 0-4-0 kit to fit the Graham Farish Class 14 chassis

Now it was time to tackle the body modifications required to fit the 00-gauge Knightwing diesel locomotive body to the Graham Farish Class 14 n-gauge diesel chassis.

The first job was to plate over the existing hole in the chassis plate using plasticard stuck to the bottom of the plate. This would give me flat […]