Update – 009 shunter using Farish Class 14 chassis and Knightwing 0-4-0 diesel kit

Just a quick update. The Knightwing shunter has now received windows, handrails and nameplates by Narrow Planet. I named and numbered the loco in memory of my father who was born in ’23 and received the D.F.M. from King George VI on the morning of V.E. Day’ May 8th 1946. He died 20 years ago […]

Bachmann 35-556RA decoders do not fit Roco Hf110c or Mh6 H0e locos

I have been trying to obtain Roco 10735 DCC decoders, the ones with the 90 degree pins, to fit into my Roco Hf110c and Mh6 locos.

Having had a great deal of difficulty in obtaining them, they appear to be out of production, I thought that the Bachmann 36-556RA E-Z Command 90 Degrees 6 […]

Atlas Editions autorail to H0e conversion – PLM ZZr 50

PLM ZZr 50

I came across a Chinese vendor on eBay selling 1:87 H0 Atlas Editions French Autorail models at a reasonable price (£15-£20 inclusive of postage). Several of these autorails were for metre gauge lines or short wheelbase standard gauge units.

Having bought one to see what it was like I was hooked and […]

Regauging Bemo 12mm HOm locos to 9mm H0e

After advice from members on several forums I managed to re-gauge theBemo 1260/1 Loco No. 81 ‘Wallis’ electric tunnel loco from 12mmH0m to 9mmH0e gauge. I thought therefore, as this information appears to be a well-hidden ‘secret’ that I would post how I did it.

1: To remove the bogie cover plates to expose […]

Converting the Knightwing 0-4-0 kit to fit the Graham Farish Class 14 chassis

Now it was time to tackle the body modifications required to fit the 00-gauge Knightwing diesel locomotive body to the Graham Farish Class 14 n-gauge diesel chassis.

The first job was to plate over the existing hole in the chassis plate using plasticard stuck to the bottom of the plate. This would give me flat […]

Retiarius – the making of a 009 Sentinel Tram Loco

Sentinel 009 loco body©Tebee – all rights acknowledged

The inspiration for the resurgence of my modelling bug was seeing an article on a blog about a freelance 009 Sentinel steam tram loco body that had been designed to fit the inexpensive Kato 11-103 tram chassis.

This tram body, by Tebee, was available to buy […]

Making a 009/H0e shunter using the Knightwing 0-4-0 kit and a Graham Farish Class 14 chassis

Graham Farish Class 14 n-gauge chassis

I wanted to make a shunter for my 009/H0e model railway that looked ‘chunkier’ than the one described in Railway Modeller using the Kato 105 chassis. This conversion, to me, looked wrong because the Knightwing body had to be shortened by 2 grill bays.

I looked at using […]