Using Meccano to make a gearbox for motorising the Peco N gauge turntable NB-55

I built a turntable for Die Keinnamebahn and electrified it using Peco NB-55 n-gauge turntable kit and  a 10rpm geared motor, worm and gear obtained from China, via eBay. I had to build my own gearbox frame from strip brass, no easy task for this amateur metalworker! The installation worked but I wondered if there was […]

WHR NG16 Garratts at Beddgelert July 2018

Welsh Highland Railway South African Garratt articulated NG16 locomotives crossing at Beddgelert, Noth Wales in July 2018.   [ngg_images source=”galleries” container_ids=”19″ display_type=”photocrati-nextgen_basic_thumbnails” override_thumbnail_settings=”0″ thumbnail_width=”120″ thumbnail_height=”90″ thumbnail_crop=”1″ images_per_page=”20″ number_of_columns=”0″ ajax_pagination=”0″ show_all_in_lightbox=”0″ use_imagebrowser_effect=”0″ show_slideshow_link=”1″ slideshow_link_text=”[Show as slideshow]” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]

New counterweights and connecting rods for Liliput 2095 H0e diesels

The Liliput 2095 diesel in H0e is still a much-wanted model even after being out of production for nearly 20 years. The loco is usually very reliable but has an Achilles heel in that the plastic counterweights go brittle with age and split at the point the connecting rod pin is pressed into the counterweight. […]

Starving the carpet monster – a way to stop losing small parts when working at the bench.

All modellers have experienced that dreaded moment when a small part goes ‘ping’ from a pair of tweezers or when using a scalpel to cut them from the spruce. Dropped parts, screws and other tiny bits are promptly eaten by the carpet monster only to be found when you have finished or binned the project […]

More rocking horse droppings – Atlas Editions L’Automotrice du Train Jaune Z-105 + 2 Remorques (ZR-20001 and ZR-20033) – 1909

It never rains but it pours rocking horse droppings, or rather rare Atlas Editions autorail (automotrice) models. In this case a 3 piece set of L’Automotrice du Train Jaune Z-105 + 2 Remorques (ZR-20001 and ZR-20033) – 1909. The set will join my collection of these lovely models.   The Little Yellow Train of the Pyrenees […]

Buying a rocking horse dropping – or rather an Atlas Editions L’autorail Floirat et sa remorque 1947

I have for sometime been buying autorail models by Atlas Editions with the intention of converting some of them into narrow gauge models using n-gauge chassis. The other day I saw what, to me, is the rare as a rocking horse dropping, L’autorail Floirat et sa remorque autorail with trailer. I had never seen this […]

DCC power and control bus using pattern makers’ dowels with contact enhancement adapters

On my new layout I am again are using the brass pattern makers’ dowels that align the boards to transfer the DCC power and control signals between the boards. 2mm bare solid copper wire is  used to create a power/signal busbar between the dowels. The electrical contact between the male and female pattern maker’s dowels […]

Building the new continuous circuit baseboards for Die Keinnamebahn

I have now got around to building the ten baseboards required for the continuous circuit version of Die Keinnamebahn using 4 prototype corner versions of the scenic baseboards generously donated by Tim Horn ( Tim has redesigned the basic scenic boards to have 6mm moisture resistant MDF tops and, for the corner boards, the normal […]

Exhibition readiness

I am now getting Die Keinnamebahn ready for its third outing. It will be being displayed this coming weekend (24/25 February) at the New Mills and District Railway Modellers exhibition at the Leasure Centre, Long Lane, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Derbyshire. The revised servo powered uncoupler system is, so far, working well. The ESU SwitchPilot Servo Version 2 […]

Maintenance trains at Beddgelert on the Welsh Highland Railway

On a very wet Friday 13th in November I went to Beddgelert station on the Welsh Highland Railway ho[ping to photograph a passing Garratt hauled train. My mistake was not to read the timetable thoroughly – there were no passenger trains running that day.  I was fortunate though to catch three maintenance trains stopping at […]

Servo powered, DCC controlled, uncoupling ramps for 009 / H0e / H0m Bemo/REPA couplers

One of the problems with modelling in 009 / H0e / H0m / H0n30 is the lack of remote controlled decoupler systems at affordable prices. For those not wanting to exchange all their couplings for magnetic operated Greenwich etched brass couplings or Microtrains  or Kadee couplers the alternatives are either the manual Peco SL-430 uncoupler […]

My modelling workshop

I have finally completed the construction and fitting of my new, and in fact first, dedicated modelling workshop. 7ft x 5ft was the maximum size allowed by SWMBO in our small back garden. I have to admit though that I nearly became a widower when, having spent about £1800 buying it, insulating it, cladding it, […]

Modelling Update – 009 shunter using Farish Class 14 chassis and Knightwing 0-4-0 diesel kit

Just a quick update. The Knightwing shunter has now received windows, handrails and nameplates by Narrow Planet. I named and numbered the loco in memory of my father who was born in ’23 and received the D.F.M. from King George VI on the morning of V.E. Day’ May 8th 1946. He died 20 years ago […]

Converting the Knightwing 0-4-0 kit to fit the Graham Farish Class 14 chassis

Now it was time to tackle the body modifications required to fit the 00-gauge Knightwing diesel locomotive body to the Graham Farish Class 14 n-gauge diesel chassis. The first job was to plate over the existing hole in the chassis plate using plasticard stuck to the bottom of the plate. This would give me flat […]

Modelling a 009/H0e shunter using the Knightwing 0-4-0 kit and a Graham Farish Class 14 chassis

I wanted to make a shunter for my 009/H0e model railway that looked ‘chunkier’ than the one described in Railway Modeller using the Kato 105 chassis. This conversion, to me, looked wrong because the Knightwing body had to be shortened by 2 grill bays. I looked at using the Graham Farish Class 08 n-gauge outside-framed […]

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